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Hinglish to Hindi Typing - React Transliterate Component

I have been working on a web writing platform for some time now and I came across a unique problem whose solution I wasn't able to find anywhere else online. So I decided to build my own React component library

I wanted users to be able to write Hindi and other scripts using a standard English keyboard (the word standard is loose here). And so I exported this component when I finally solved the problem.

Presenting, React Transliterate Component demo

It uses Google's Input Tools API to fetch results and displays them in the helper

I have currently tested Hindi, Marathi and Urdu but it should support all scripts that the input tool

The component is open source and there are a few sharp edges that I am looking to fix.

You can check out the component demo here - react-transliterate

Take a look at the Github repo - react-transliterate: Transliteration component for React

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