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miny - an open source decluttered launcher for your Android device

miny is a decluttered launcher for Android. It is aimed at reducing the craving to constantly check your phone every few minutes. It aims to be a bland but accessible launcher.

This launcher has been inspired by the "Light Phone" and brings the functionality of your app launcher to a package that is small and fast.

It is based on the philosophy of minimalism and aims to declutter your launcher app

Check it out on GitHub - burhanuday/miny


  • 4 Shortcuts on the home screen
  • Long press to change shortcut
  • Swipe towards left to access app drawer
  • Start typing the app name to quickly launch the app
  • Double tap to switch the screen off
  • Small package of size 3mb

Some screenshots

Home App Drawer


There is a TODO section in the Readme. Check it out on GitHub - burhanuday/miny

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